Wednesday, 28 March 2012

They can't take whats ours~

I will admit I miss you.
I wish you were there sometime…
When I had exciting news to tell, I used to always tell you first.
When I was worrying about life, I would turn to you for a hug and a kiss.
When all I could do was cry just to feel something, I would look to you for a hug.
When I just wanted to talk, I knew you would always be there for me.
But why did you have to run. I thought I was the runner. I thought I would bail out like I always did. But no, you did the running, your the one who gave up.
Well when I have news to tell, I wont let you know.
When I’m worrying about life, I wont search for your kiss.
When all I’m doing is crying, Ill remember I wasn’t the one who gave up. It was you.
And when I’m ready to talk again, It will be with someone new, who wont run.
I will admit I miss you. But I will also admit I’m slowly coming to see I don’t need you.

''...judge me n i'll prove you wrong, tell me what to do and I’ll tell you off, say I’m not worth it and watch where I end up, hit me and you'll be fooled yourself, tell me I’m CRAZY, but you really have no idea!'' =) 

Horrified looks from everyone in the room but I am only looking at you<3

You’re just mad because superman could take batman any day~

The more you dream about me, the more that i believe! 

i vous aimera pour toujours<3 

Those lip gloss smilies<3 

I could conquer the whole world with just one hand, if you are holding the other<3

Lips that smile, Eyes that hide~*

"Best friends" - Its not a tag, Its a promise<3 

Spongebob <3 

Cause every girl deserves her prince charming<3 

I would love to sit and do absolutely nothing with you<3 

'Cause every summer has its story :D 

I just want to be by your side and everything will be alright<3
Madness is genius.. ;) 

Red Stockings<3 

Just Care less<3 

Best friends <3 Spongebob and Patrick :D 

I still believe in fairytales<3 

The people whose voice were as Mickey and Minnie's voice, got married for real<3 

Paris is always a good idea<3 

Lets go all the way tonight, No regrets.. JUST love ~

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